1. We abide by the MLH Code of Conduct
  2. Everything posted here on DevPost (write up, video, code, website, etc.) can be edited until the final project deadline at 10:30am CDT on April 11th. Late submissions will not be accepted, so submit early and update with final changes as the deadline approaches.
  3. Every submission must have a video demo attached to it. There is a required field on the submission page for linking to this video. You can upload any video as a placeholder here until you can record your own video. You can record a video using free software like Open Broadcast Studio, the Google Chrome plugin: Loom, or even Zoom!
  4. Judging will be asyncronous, meaning that judges will only see your write-ups and demo videos. Make sure to make everything neat so that judges cna easily find the information about your projects.
  5. You are only allowed to submit projects made during PickHacks, and no projects may be submitted at other events (multiple submission is grounds for disqualification).
  6. You are welcome to use free, open source libraries available to all participants, but passing off other people's work as your own will be considered plagiarism and is grounds for disqualification.